Hi, It's Nice To Meet You! I'm....
Christine Ribble

A Mom, Wife & Business Owner

A Travel Advisor

A Grandmother of 7

Absolutely Travel Obsessed

Traveled to 47 Countries; 46 States and 6 Continents

I am financially and emotionally invested in making sure your travel experience not only meets your needs but is an experience that you will look back on for years to come!

Mission & Vision Statement

At CR Adventure Travel, our mission is to create tailor-made travel experiences that allow you to indulge in a vacation uniquely suited to your desires and dreams. We believe that every vacation should be a personal adventure, crafted to help you live life to the fullest and collect unforgettable memories along the way.

Our vision at CR Adventure Travel is to be the leading travel agency of personalized adventure travel, inspiring our clients to explore the world with curiosity and passion. We strive to design journeys that reflect individual aspirations and preferences, ensuring that every traveler can truly live life to the fullest and embrace the extraordinary.

Travel Unity Pledge

I know that my life and views are shaped by my experiences and the body that God has given me. Others' experience very different lives, with different advantages and challenges.

I will listen to and learn about others' experiences, especially where they differ from my own.

I know that people can stumble when talking to others who live in different circumstances.

I accept that I will make mistakes and so will others. I will do the work to learn from my mistakes and those of others.

I will be constructively vocal when I see inequities, especially when I am coming from a place of privilege that will amplify my voice.

- Christine Ribble