Cancellation Policy
Plans may have changed but never the goal

When a reservation for Travel Services is cancelled, this results in a financial cost to our agency arising from the loss of commission that would otherwise be available as compensation to our agency and our consultants for their time and expertise in advising on and booking travel arrangements on a customer’s behalf. In this regard, after initial payment for all travel types, should customer voluntarily request modifications to their vacation resulting in a cancellation of their booked trip, CR Adventure Travel will impose a trip cancellation fee of $100.00 per person. This fee will be in addition to any travel supplier penalties, if applicable. All cancellations MUST be notified in writing to

Our agency is only compensated from the tour/hotel/cruise companies that we book once travel is completed. All service fees are non-refundable  and non-transferable. If you purchased travel insurance, you may be able to add this fee to your claim for potential reimbursement. You will receive a copy of the cancellation receipt to include with your claim documents.

I understand and accept for myself and the travelers included in my party CR Adventure Travel's trip cancellation policy. I understand a cancellation fee of $100.00 per person will be charged at the time of cancellation to the credit card I authorize. I acknowledge and accept that these fees are in addition to any cancellation and/or change fee penalties that may be imposed by the travel supplier. I also understand that these fees are separate from the cost of my trip. I agree not to institute a credit card dispute or “charge back” to CR Adventure Travel or my agent, Christine Ribble for said cancellation fees.

I understand that any travel supplier refunds or credits due to all travelers included in my party will be processed after CR Adventure Travel has collected their cancellation fee.

Ready to Rebook?

We are ready and willing to assist you in rebooking your vacation when the time is right.